What Sets Our Movers Apart


Our approach to moving is black and white, with no gray areas. We provide tailored solutions for our customers for whatever they need, from a turn-key move to simply labor assistance, we have the answer. With us, every job is about you, the customer. By emphasizing our core company values of Efficiency, Communication, and Professionalism, we guarantee to be the best, safest, moving company in Greater Pittsburgh.

This tailored approach is centered on communication before the move, accurately documenting each and every detail about your job, and focusing on your specific needs, wants and expectations for your job.  This attention to detail allows us to better execute on-site, providing the best possible service for our clients in the most streamlined manner possible.

Give us a call today and experience for yourself what tailored, customized service feels like!


Our Story

Make Moves LLC is owned by two cousins, Matt and John. They started the company in 2012 from humble beginnings as a labor-only Pittsburgh moving company. With Matt and John’s experience in the industry they noticed a trend; there was a gap between the customers’ expectations and the actual results. With a lack of competition being the prominent benchmark of the moving industry for decades, many moving companies were falling short -- customers didn’t feel like anyone listened to their specific needs and wants, and as a result, were seldom satisfied with their move.

Matt and John immediately determined that they could fill the void left by traditional moving companies by offering customers only what they needed or wanted for a move. The initial and continued outpouring of successful moves with satisfied customers has enabled continued organic growth, while maintaining our family business ethos and core company values.

Now, over three years later, our several hundred positive reviews and satisfied customers give credence to the Make Moves philosophy and its positive impact in the moving industry. However, we treat each new client as an opportunity to re-assert this company ethos and prove the best moving services in the Greater Pittsburgh area.